Crazy Raccoon Attacks German Shepherd

I heard my dog barking as I was at my neighbor's house. A raccoon came into my yard, ignoring my barking shepherd.
Then the unthinkable happened, it proceeded to go through the fence facing the shepherd. It climbed up a tree, fell out of the tree, hit the shepherd, and then … see for yourself.
This is a good reason, why you have to vaccinate your pets! Anything can happen, and this was in broad daylight.
For all I know, this raccoon could have distemper, or rabies, or was just stupid …?

Personal Protection Dogs Working as One (German Shepherds + Belgian Malinois)

This compilation of training scenario shows why two personal protection dogs are better than one—as long as they have the right training.

From obedience to home protection, German Shepherds Rex and Falco are a handler's dream and a criminal's worst nightmare.

Curtis and Zira (sable German Shepherd dogs) are shown cooperatively blocking their handler from any angle of attack and then relentlessly pursuing their target.

Instead of getting in each others way or confusing each other, Eteo and Kazou (male and female Belgian Malinois) can simultaneously target an attacker for a double-team takedown.

German Shepherd Puppies – 11 week old Trained Puppies!

Incredible Puppy Training Video. Thinschmidt German Shepherds are quality breeders who breed for sound temperment and even dispositions. Watch how they perform the Bio Sensor Program on German Shepherd puppies. They fully train their puppies at just 12 weeks old! The owners are certified dog trainers using positive reinforcement training They are dedicated to training and breeding full time and are promoted and endorsed by Cesar Milan
"Breeder of Choice" They absolutely 'LOVE' what they do!

German Shepherd dog in Israel

Valery Tarnavsky with Fantom Victroria Brend 16 months old German Shepherd practising the sport of Schutzhund

Cutest German Shepherd Puppy in the World – Sheba The Dog

Guaranteed to make you smile. My cute German Shepherd Puppy Montage.

Little video I made of my German Shepherd Puppy from 6 weeks old – 16 weeks old

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German shepherd greeting Kiwi postman for daily dose of cuddles

An unlikely friendship between puppy and postie
A postal worker in New Zealand has been caught on a hidden camera taking a break from his rounds to catch up with a very appreciative pup (and it's downright adorable).
Best of all, this is hardly a one-time occurrence. According to the dog's owner, Michael Collins, the unidentified mailman has been stopping by his house every day to spend time with his pet — even if he has no letter or package to drop off.
"He always gets overlooked as a dangerous or unapproachable dog," Collins wrote on Facebook. "But this guy here always makes an effort to get off his bike to give him a hug and a pat!"
Now who says mailman and dogs can't be friends?

German Shepherd misses his owner

After being gone at boot camp for 2 months, my brother gives his dog, Trigger a call. This is what happens….

Miniature German Shepherd – Polymer Clay Tutorial

I don't take requests for animals, so please don't leave requests/suggestions for this – At the moment I'm only making the animals I feel like making.

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Hey Guys! Time for another polymer clay dog tutorial 🙂 Finally got around to editing the German Shepherd tutorial – Hope you'll enjoy 🙂
I used polymer clay (Fimo) and merino wool/fibres. As for the armature; you don't need any specific type of wire, any wire should do – but if it has a coating, you can always bake a small piece to see if it has any reaction.
The collar/chain is a 925 sterling silver chain with a small White sapphire – this dog is FANCY ;D

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