German Shepherd Colors and Markings(read description)

UPDATE: March 13, 2017
New updated video on coat markings
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What Melanistic is:

What Ticking is:

Blanket & Bicolor Differences:

Gsd Bloodlines:

*Please Note*
I am Aware that some are not colors, they are coat markings(patterns)but since these markings often involve a specific coat color I added a few of the patterns onto this video aswell. Also Notice I didn't put all coat colors on the description and video. That's because it's simply something you can't do.There are tons of colors and markings out there that you simply can't put them all in one video. This video shouldn't be taken seriously as it is not correct, it is only using the names other people use for certain markings.

This video is to show some of the basic coat colors you see in the German Shepherd bloodlines like the German Showlines, American Showlines, and many working of the Working lines(including pet lines). Some of the dogs placed under a certain bloodline do not match up but since they were similar looking I placed them in anyway. Sorry guys!

In the German lines the most common colors are Red(or tan)and Black… all other colors are like extinct in this bloodline.The other color genes you may be able to find are solid black,sable,or bicolor but it is not ss common and usually happens when the bloodlines have been crossed. The white color no longer exists in this bloodline.
SV/KC Standard:

In the American Show Bloodlines, Black and Tan is the most common… coming in a variety of different forms. Other existing color genes are solid white,solid black, cream, "panda",sables,silver, masked dogs with no saddle etc. Most colors are permissible but pale or washed out colors are undesirable so light colored dogs are not as popular here. White is a very common color in this bloodline even though it's not accepted in the ring.
AKC breed Standard:

For the working lines(Czech,East & West German Lines) almost all colors are apparent. These dogs are mostly bicolors or sables but do vary in color markings. Sables can be called many different ways… Red, silver, black etc.


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