Top 10 Most Fearless Dog Breeds

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Top 10 Most Fearless Dog Breeds

10. German Shepherd
The German Shepherd is a very brave dog breed, used by the Military and Police,
With a strong character,
Undaunted by the enemy he became legendary in the 1st and 2nd World War

9. Rottweiler
The Rottweiler is a big and strong dog, very loyal and sweet to his family but in case of threat it becomes a real beast which isn't afraid of anyone.

8. BoerBoel
The BoerBoel a.k.a African Mastiff is a big dog which in African conditions living near the wild animals has become a strong and fearless dog.

7. Kangal
Although most of the dogs are afraid from wolf and understand the risk the Kangal doesn't.
If his shepherd or his family are in danger than for sure he will be fighting with wolfs or any other wild animal.

6. Alabai
Alabai is known as a very loyal and strong dog. He attacks even Siberian Tigers to protect his loved ones. Very brave dog.

5. Presa Canario
Perro de Presa Canario a.k.a The Canary Mastiff. He surrenders not easy! He is a very muscular, very strong and loyal dog. He is the animal symbol of the island of Gran Canaria.

4. German Jagdterrier
The German Jagdterrier is the little dog with the lion heart. Although the Jagdterrier is a very small dog he evaluates himself as a very strong dog. In emergencies he will attack a Kangal or a big bear.

3. Bull Terrier
The Bull Terrier although he was not successful as game dog to fight against pitbulls, undoubtedly he is always able to attack a big angry bull or other big animals. He is known as muscular, energetic, strong and perfect as a family dog.

2. Dogo Argentino
The Dogo Argentino is the legendary dog in his homeland Argentine, he is known as a very brave dog with a big heart, undoubtedly he can attack and beat
wild boars, wolves and big pumas (mountain lions).

1. A.P.B.T "Pitbull"
Undoubtedly the Real American Pitbull Terrier is on top of the Most Fearless Dogs.
To protect his loved ones he will clash with every creature in the world till death.

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Crufts 2014 – German Shepherd Dog Best of Breed

Di Stirling was the judge of German Shepherds for Crufts 2014 where her Best of Breed, for the fourth time at Crufts was Ch Elmo Vom Hühnegrab

Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Great Dane at Dog Park

They all showed up at the dog park today! German Shepherds, Dobermans, a Rottweiler, Great Dane, and a Pit Bull mix…WOW!!! They all got along great and played…Sorry media, no blood shed for your lame news reports about these dogs being viscous and un predictable breeds…

Also, my Rottie is dead beat tired as this is after our 3 mile walk around Greenlake.

Missing cat reunites with German Shepherd

After going missing for 12 days, Clyde the cat was returned home after a neighbor recognized him from a 'Lost and Found' ad. Here's his adorable reunion with best friend Triton, the family's German Shepherd.

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German Shepherd Training Tips

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Perhaps you have just got yourself a new German Shepherd puppy. As cute as it is now, it is important to understand that without proper training, a German Shepherd can grow up to become a huge and ferocious dog.

However, with the best training, a German Shepherd can be one of the sweetest beings on earth. German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and easily trainable. When trained well, they are very obedient.

If you are trying to get your puppy trained, here are some videos that you can follow:

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Ryder turns 5 years old! German Shepherd Eats Chicken Thigh for Birthday!

Flipsyde – Someday

The reason I used German Shepherds was because:
1) Police K-9 dogs are strong intelligent creatures that always give it their all.
2) One of my favorite dogs
3) Because I can…. so stop asking

Intro: The Offspring – Hit That

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Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know
Someday we gonna dance with those lions
Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin'

[Verse 1]
They tellin' me it's all good just wait
You know you're gonna be there someday
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Till then do another line you know
Searching for that other high
Stop or I gotta steal then steal
Kill or I'm gonna be killed
I got a sack in my pocket
Conscious yellin' drop it
You know we're gonna lose it someday
And we tryin' to hold it all together but the devil is too clever so
I'm gonna die you gonna die we gonna die Someday one day I said

Someday we gonna rise up on the wind you know
Someday we gonna dance with those lions
Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin'

[Verse 2]
Try to lie but it ain't me Ain't me
Try to look but I can't see
Can't stop right now cause I'm too far and I can't keep goin' cause it's too hard
In the day in the night it's the same thing
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On the real if you stop then it's no pain but if you can't feel pain then it's no gain
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Wanna make it to the top better start now
So I hold my soul and I die hard
All alone in the night in the graveyard
Someday one day I'm gonna be free and they won't try to kill me for being me
Hey someday

Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know
Someday we gonna dance with those lions
Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin'

If you know how this is
Gonna see it's not that easy
Don't stop get it till it's done
From where you are or have begun
I said keep on try a little harder to see everything you need to be
Believe in your dreams
That you see when you're asleep

Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know
Someday we gonna dance with those lions
Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin'