Missing cat reunites with German Shepherd

After going missing for 12 days, Clyde the cat was returned home after a neighbor recognized him from a 'Lost and Found' ad. Here's his adorable reunion with best friend Triton, the family's German Shepherd.

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German Shepherd in trouble

This my 1 year old german shepherd, his name is Lock, he tore up a package that was delivered to my house, this is his reaction when presented with the fruits of his labor.

German Shepherd And Baby Playtime

TWO YEARS Later: Same Daughter, Same Dog:

Still very much in love. This is for all those folks that never take time to read the description below. She just wanted to love on him before going down to breakfast.

And all we wanted to do was sleep, but these two (my slightly older than one-year old daughter and German Shepherd) decided to get into their little antics. They're super chummy–it's funny because he'll sometimes follow her and then lay down in her path. 🙂

No–she's not hurting him. He gets up to 50X worse playing with other dogs. And anyone who has had a GSD knows this: They "talk" a lot. We literally have a "conversations" with my face movements and his "talking." And in this video he's whining for his morning meal–this same situation 15 minutes later entailed no whining–he just rolled over on his back to have her rub his belly.

White German Shepherd cuddles baby goat

Watch as Shadow, a white German Shepherd, looks over and cuddles with the family's newborn baby Pygmy goat, a breed of miniature domestic goat. According to her owner, she took care of the adorable goat as if it were one of her puppies! See more at 'Royalair German Shepherds'.

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German Shepherd dog sings with his owner

Meet Maximus, the singing German Shepherd! His owner recently discovered that his dog liked to howl whenever he heard people singing, so he decided to see if he could capture him on video while singing Eduard Khil's popular 'Trolololo' song.

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