Rescue of Starving Homeless German Shepherd Dog from Busy Street: Operation Houston

This video rescue series by WA2S films:

Contribute to the Operation Houston Fund and help save all the stray dogs in Houston:

Anna was spotted roaming the busy streets eating garbage in Houston. Kurt Guerdrum facilitated the rescue.

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artist: Deividas Gnedinas
song: Pokalbis


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If you like The Pet Collective and Vet Ranch and Hope For Paws dog rescue videos by Eldad Hagar, you'll love dog rescue videos by WA2S Films!

Siberian Husky Puppy Meets 8 Year Old German Shepherd Dog For The First Time DCTC Videos

Cute video showing highlights of our new 7 week old Blue Eyed Siberian Husky puppy on her first day home — AND meeting our 8 year old grumpy German Shepherd which is also named "zer0".

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My Finger Bitten Off By My German Shepherd – Dog Bite – Unbelievable

Animals and pets, we all love our pet or pets and think of them as our companion and friend, but when they bite or fight they are still animals and they can cause unbelievable serious injury.
this is a real video of my injury as a result of a dog bite, this was in no way intentional or a stupid move on my part (it was stupid, at least my proximity was), i wasn't trying to break up the fight or sticking my hands into the "dog fight", i was just grabbing the blanket off of my german shepherd after the fighting had ceased.
the german shepherd dog that bit me was 11 years old and was partially blind due to cataracts in both eyes, she was my dog for a very long time.
best advice i can give is don't even get close to the area where the dogs are fighting, ever, its not worth the injury that you can sustain.
check out the links below for tips on what to do to seperate a dog fight and if ever you get caught near fighting dogs, get away and stay far away while trying any method to separate them while keeping a good distance.

heres some links below on how to break up a dog fight.

one of the best i've found here.…………

German Shepherd dog sings with his owner

Meet Maximus, the singing German Shepherd! His owner recently discovered that his dog liked to howl whenever he heard people singing, so he decided to see if he could capture him on video while singing Eduard Khil's popular 'Trolololo' song.

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