German Shepherds are the most versatile

Heavy Petting: Police dog, watch dog, shepherd dog and of course family pet – German Shepherds are the most versatile dogs in the world. We find out how does this thick coated breed manage in Indian conditions and how much exercise do they need?

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Cutest German Shepherd Puppies/Parents Funny

Hilarious/Funniest German Shepherd Puppies – Puppies Try to nurse from Mother and Father (Fail). 4.5 weeks old.

Photo a day German Shepherd: Time lapse puppy YEAR 2. Dunder

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A photo a day of Dunder the German Shepherd from age 1 to his 2nd birthday. This video is the sequel to his first video, Time Lapse: Puppy to Adult in 40 seconds. Watch as Dunder poses in some of his favorites places. Please enjoy and share this with someone that you think will enjoy it.

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German Shepherds Are Awesome: Compilation

In this funny dog compilation, tune in to see a mix of our favorite German Shepherd clips from the Petsami vault. They are truley one of the best breeds of dogs, and so beautiful.


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Aggressive german shepherd intimidates owner

The Miami Dog Whisperer helps a client overcome her fears of her own dog. Richard showed the owner how to deal with him during an exercise that really makes him irritated enough to bite. Richard ( The MiamiDog Whisperer ) also points out a lot of body language that the owner uses that makes the dog bully her as well.

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Terrified German Shepherd Puppy Abandoned In The Woods Gets Rescued Just In Time

Howl Of A Dog Rescue Video ZOEY is a homeless puppy rescued from a forest. She was less than 3 months old when we found her, was very lethargic and weak and her fur was all covered in fleas. Now Zoey is a happy-go-lucky little dog, with a very cheerful and joyful attitude. Being a puppy, she is, of course, full of energy, curious to explore everything around, very playful and she loves all kind of toys. She is a permanent source of positive energy for everyone. She is friendly with other dogs and also feels very comfortable around people and loves to be cuddled.
As an adult dog, we estimate that her size will be medium.
Zoey is in our care in Romania, but for anyone abroad who would like to adopt her please note that we also facilitate international adoptions ( So, if you have a place in your heart and in your home for this wonderful dog, please let us know, our email is: . Thank you!

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UPDATE Jan 2017: ZOEY HAS BEEN ADOPTED by a wonderful family from Maryland, United States. More details and pictures with Zoey at her forever home: .

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Dog Rescued From Death Makes Amazing Recovery and Transformation. Real Life Hero Dog Theia:

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Howl Of A Dog is a small nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Romania. Our commitment is to rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs from the streets or from local kill-shelters and to find them suitable loving forever homes. For more details please visit our website: or our Facebook page:
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HOWL OF A DOG organization
Registration Number 33570458

So you think you want a German Shepherd, huh? So you think you want a German Shepherd, huh? German Shepherds are highly intelligent, athletic, sociable & can be a great dog in the right family. Check out this video to learn more about the German Shepherd before you bring one home.

Overall, German Shepherds tend to be very good with the children they are raised around but can be suspicious of other children. German Shepherds can be good with other pets if they are raised around them.

This breed needs to take daily walks and have a nice back yard to run in. Daily brushings are also needed. his breed is intelligent, friendly and tends to be calm without aggression.

German Shepherds need a lot of activity. This breed needs to take daily walks and have a nice back yard to run in. Daily brushings are also needed. Obedience training will definitely help with their social skills and their obedience.

German Shepherd puppies are intelligent and independent dogs. Known as a member of the herding group of dogs, it thrives when given a job to do. They are also in need of vigorous daily exercise with early and ongoing training.

Being of the herding or guardian breed category, German Shepherd pups aren't necessarily the friendliest of breeds when it comes to other dogs outside of the family surroundings. In order to properly begin training a German Shepherd puppy, they need socialization with other dogs from a young age when at all possible.

Large Boned German Shepherds Ash, Sig, Sheba – Big Boned German Shepherds

Large Boned German Shepherds Ash, Sig, Sheba – Big Boned German Shepherds – 03/14/09 Pioneer German Shepherds – Dogs having fun outside! Ash is the long coat black/tan male, Sig is the short coat silver sable female, Sheba is the short coat brown sable and the mother of Sig. The puppies pictured are out of Ash x Sig's 2009 litter and almost 5 weeks of age. Loved By The Sun – Tangerine Dream

Pioneer German Shepherds breeds sweet-tempered plush and long coat (long haired) German Shepherd Dogs that are oversized with a laidback temperament. Please note that our dogs are NOT Shiloh Shepherds but are distantly related, with larger size and less angulation than most GSD. Nor are they King Shepherds, however they are above average in size (some say king sized) with a large-boned structure. However, all are AKC German Shepherd Dogs. Puppies are whelped indoors and raised underfoot in our home with lots of love, occasionally available to select companion homes. For more information about our dogs, see our website at and