Crufts 2014 – German Shepherd Dog Best of Breed

Di Stirling was the judge of German Shepherds for Crufts 2014 where her Best of Breed, for the fourth time at Crufts was Ch Elmo Vom Hühnegrab

Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Great Dane at Dog Park

They all showed up at the dog park today! German Shepherds, Dobermans, a Rottweiler, Great Dane, and a Pit Bull mix…WOW!!! They all got along great and played…Sorry media, no blood shed for your lame news reports about these dogs being viscous and un predictable breeds…

Also, my Rottie is dead beat tired as this is after our 3 mile walk around Greenlake.

German Shepherds Are Awesome: Compilation

In this funny dog compilation, tune in to see a mix of our favorite German Shepherd clips from the Petsami vault. They are truley one of the best breeds of dogs, and so beautiful.


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Baby, Husky and German Shepherd – Where’s the food?

Baby Madison is starting to stand and taking steps. She goes to the kitchen and to the dog bowl and wants to play with her furball brothers bowl.

German Shepherd dog in Israel

Valery Tarnavsky with Fantom Victroria Brend 16 months old German Shepherd practising the sport of Schutzhund

Cutest German Shepherd Puppy in the World – Sheba The Dog

Guaranteed to make you smile. My cute German Shepherd Puppy Montage.

Little video I made of my German Shepherd Puppy from 6 weeks old – 16 weeks old

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5 month old German Shepherd Sam

This is Sam my 5 month old German Shepherd. He's pretty well behaved in this video but you should see him with other dogs!!! You can track Sam's growth as we will be posting a new video every month!!! So far he weighs just over 20 kilos (two people to lift him), and is 1 metre long and about 60cm tall!!! His father is Vimmo von der Hopfenhalle, National Champion in Australia and his mother is Adelora Jaycee, also an established showdog. He proudly belongs to the German Shepherd Club of South Australia, and is currently undergoing training there.

my german shepherd going crazy in the pool!

my german shepherd chasing a chlorine container in the pool!

meu pastor alemão caçando uma caixinha de cloro na piscina!