Baby, Husky and German Shepherd – Where’s the food?

Baby Madison is starting to stand and taking steps. She goes to the kitchen and to the dog bowl and wants to play with her furball brothers bowl.

Top 10 FASTEST Dog Breeds

Top 10 FASTEST Dog Breeds
10. Doberman
9. Borzoi
8. Whippet
7. Dalmatian
6. German Shepherd
5. Afghan Hound
4. Ibizan Hound
3. Vizsla
2. Saluki
1. Greyhound

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Rottweiler VS Two German Shepherds.

Brutus Maximus Rottweiler playing with 2 younger German Shepherds.

Wolf vs German Shepherd Puppy!!!

I took Charlie to my dad's to meet his Wolf hybrid, Smokey

Rottweiler VS Pack of Huskies & German Shepherd at Dog Park

Hank mingling with some pretty cool pooches at the dog Park in Shoreline WA…