How to Brush your German Shepherd Dog. timelapse

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I've tried a few different brushes out there and have found that none compare to the Furminator. I even bought an off brand one that was cheaper, but it didn't even remove close to same amount of fur. Check out the amazing amount of fur that is being removed and will not be on my sofa, bed, floor, in my car,etc.

Amazing German Shepherd Puppy – Alpha Vonziu

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Meet Alpha Vonziu, our beloved German Shepherd, son of Baron & Ruby Vonziu.

This video shows Alpha from 7 – 14 weeks and hopefully captured some of his lifestyle and almost all the tricks he knew at that age, even though there is so much more we love show.

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Photo a day German Shepherd: Time lapse puppy YEAR 2. Dunder

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A photo a day of Dunder the German Shepherd from age 1 to his 2nd birthday. This video is the sequel to his first video, Time Lapse: Puppy to Adult in 40 seconds. Watch as Dunder poses in some of his favorites places. Please enjoy and share this with someone that you think will enjoy it.

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The best Protection Trained Dogs- Malinois-german shepherd

The best Protection Trained Dogs- Malinois-german shepherd

German Shepherd Dog
Also generally thought of as a “herding” dog, they are actually tenders, meaning they were breed to run the border and keep the flock where they were supposed to be, as well as watch for predators. Very intense and loyal, they will easily attack someone who threatens their home.
– Malinois

This herding dog is intent on making sure no one hurts her family. Their intensity and drive to protect has made them very popular in schulzhund training as well as guard dog work.

Personal Protection Dogs Working as One (German Shepherds + Belgian Malinois)

This compilation of training scenario shows why two personal protection dogs are better than one—as long as they have the right training.

From obedience to home protection, German Shepherds Rex and Falco are a handler's dream and a criminal's worst nightmare.

Curtis and Zira (sable German Shepherd dogs) are shown cooperatively blocking their handler from any angle of attack and then relentlessly pursuing their target.

Instead of getting in each others way or confusing each other, Eteo and Kazou (male and female Belgian Malinois) can simultaneously target an attacker for a double-team takedown.

German Shepherd vs Wolf – Who would Win in a Fight?

The German Shepherd and the Gray Wolf are attractive yet extremely dangerous animals.
The German Shepherd (German: Deutscher Schäferhund, German pronunciation is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany.
The gray wolf or grey wolf (Canis lupus[a]), also known as the timber wolf or western wolf, is a canid native to the wilderness and remote areas of Eurasia and North America.

German Shepherd puppy obedience training | 9 weeks old | Valor K9 Academy, LLC

Watch as Havok performs sit, platz (down), hier (come here), Fuss (heel), spin and more! Enjoy 🙂

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Dog cries like a big baby – Dunder the German Shepherd

Checkout our children's book based on Dunder & Munster!

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Dunder loves getting his belly rubbed, but when you stop he cries like a baby until you do it again. What a brat! 🙂