Missing cat reunites with German Shepherd

After going missing for 12 days, Clyde the cat was returned home after a neighbor recognized him from a 'Lost and Found' ad. Here's his adorable reunion with best friend Triton, the family's German Shepherd.

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German Shepherd Gets Chicken Thigh for Birthday!

Ryder turns 5 years old! German Shepherd Eats Chicken Thigh for Birthday!

Mangoworm Popping! German Shepherd Pops

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In this video Micha treats some serious mango worms from a very amazing dog.

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Popping Mango Worms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BJk7Q3oQqI

Vet Clinic Gambia, "Our charity work with the dogs & cats of The Gambia relies heavily on the generosity of our supporters. Especially the TNR program, Trap – Neuter/Vaccinate/Deworm – Return, would be unthinkable without the help from abroad."

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Cordylobia anthropophaga, the mango fly, tumbu fly, tumba fly, putzi fly, or skin maggot fly, is a species of blow-fly common in West-Africa. It is a parasite of mammals (including humans) during its larval stage.

German Shepherds Are Awesome: Compilation

In this funny dog compilation, tune in to see a mix of our favorite German Shepherd clips from the Petsami vault. They are truley one of the best breeds of dogs, and so beautiful.


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3-month (13-week) old German Shepherd puppy performs tricks

This is our 3-month-old German Shepherd puppy Saggio performing some tricks. Perhaps not his most focused attempts ever, but not bad for a little guy.

As you can see, I am no dog trainer, but he still learns regardless of my ineptitude. Thanks for watching!

German Shepherd Dogs Meeting a Baby

7/2013 Update: New Video – Baby trying to feed the dogs – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5SUsRy7TcA
In this video, baby Bradley is 3 days old and just came home from the hospital. Our German Shepherd dogs, Jet and Rocket are meeting him for the first time. We were not sure how they would react and they impressed us by behaving very well.

German Shepherd misses his owner

After being gone at boot camp for 2 months, my brother gives his dog, Trigger a call. This is what happens….

Funny Video German Shepherd Dog Gets Epic Bath Sad Cute and Very Funny

Funny Video kind of Candid Camera, Funny Video with Vicious Hilarious German Shepherd Misty gets attacked by soapy shower shes so sad about it very Cute.

Solo the German Shepard, Growling and Showing his big Teeth

This is Solo, our German Shepard, my wife is helping him into the truck, his hind legs don't work like they used to. He always likes to growl and Bark at just about anything (except my wife – He is her Shadow and bodyguard). This video was taken with an average Cannon Powershot 560. We were on vacation in Colorado where this was filmed.