German Shepherd Saves 5 yr old From Getting Snatched from Her Car

This is another training scenario where I am training my daughter and her dog to react properly. I train them in all different types of scenarios so they can"t be caught off guard and will be prepared to react properly to any situation that may occur.

Pit Bull attacks German Shepherd Police dog on patrol

People on here are debating as to whether a GS or an American Pit Bull Terrier is more dangerous. The answer is a PB. The reason is PB were bed to fight. They were bred to 'bite, hold & shake' & have a much higher pain thresh hold. You can kick an attacking PB thats latched onto someone all you want & it's most unlikely it will let go. It's not about the bite force (both nearly identical anyway), it's about the way these dogs instinctively attack. So GS lovers, YES your dogs are still tough, but the difference in what they were bred to do makes the Pit Bull much more dangerous. Here are the top 10 dogs for most powerful bite Psi:
1. Kangal (743)
2. Mastiff (556)
3. Wolfdog (406)
4. Rottweiler (328)
5. African Wild Dog (317)
6. American Bull Dog (305)
7. German Shepherd (238)
8. Pit Bull (235)
9. Dutch Shepherd (224)
10. Belgian Shepherd (195)

German Shepherd vs. Doberman


German Shepherd dog plays with my Doberman puppy. They are just playing and not fighting. I do not condone dog fighting of any kind. The German Shepherd and Doberman get so hyper and become silly dogs! The Doberman puppy is 4 months old in this video and the German Shepherd dog is 10 years. The other two dogs are mixed breeds.

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Smart German Shepherd: Twitch Letting Sophie Out of Her Kennel

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I recorded this to make sure that I wasn't forgetting to latch Sophie's kennel after I stuck her in it – I kept noticing her running around with our German Shepherd Twitch soon after I would stick her in it. Turns out, I was latching it, but Twitch just figured out how to not only open it, but also figured out it was easier if he took the towel off as well. (Sophie is a Maltese 1 year old puppy and Twitch is a 6.5 year old German Shepherd.)

Вязка Собак. Немецкие Овчарки Гранд и Айрис. Dogs Mating. German Shepherds.

В продаже щенки рожд. 29.09.16 года от немецких овчарок Гранда и Айрис. Одесса, Украина.
People help the dogs to mate.

Augusto Deoliveira off leash pack walk

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German Shepherd Fetches Ball, Returns to Find His Soldier Home from Deployment

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