German Shepherd Gets Chicken Thigh for Birthday!

Ryder turns 5 years old! German Shepherd Eats Chicken Thigh for Birthday!

Baby Loves German Shepherd, Falls Asleep On German Shepherd.

Baby Madison loves the dogs and sometimes want to give them blankets, pillows and sometimes even fall asleep on them 🙂 German Shepherd dog is a walking pillow.

Ryder my German Shepherd is so patient with the baby and protective of her.

German Shepherd Protecting Newborn Baby!

German Shepherd protecting baby Madison. Ryder our German Shepherd second day meeting his newborn baby sister and he is already protecting her. Ryder initially doesn't like Husky getting near baby Madison. ****BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT US NOT BEING RESPONSIBLE, WE HAD ALREADY TRAINED/DESENSITIZED OUR DOGS WITH A LIFE LIKE BABY DOLL FOR SEVERAL WEEKS PRIOR TO THE ARRIVAL OF OUR BABY, EVEN THOUGH WE TRUST OUR DOGS COMPLETELY WE DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE WITH THE BABY**** THANK YOU!

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