Amazing German Shepherd Puppy – Alpha Vonziu

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Meet Alpha Vonziu, our beloved German Shepherd, son of Baron & Ruby Vonziu.

This video shows Alpha from 7 – 14 weeks and hopefully captured some of his lifestyle and almost all the tricks he knew at that age, even though there is so much more we love show.

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3-month (13-week) old German Shepherd puppy performs tricks

This is our 3-month-old German Shepherd puppy Saggio performing some tricks. Perhaps not his most focused attempts ever, but not bad for a little guy.

As you can see, I am no dog trainer, but he still learns regardless of my ineptitude. Thanks for watching!

German Shepherd misses his owner

After being gone at boot camp for 2 months, my brother gives his dog, Trigger a call. This is what happens….

Dog cries like a big baby – Dunder the German Shepherd

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Let's be friends:

Dunder loves getting his belly rubbed, but when you stop he cries like a baby until you do it again. What a brat! 🙂

Wolf vs German Shepherd Puppy!!!

I took Charlie to my dad's to meet his Wolf hybrid, Smokey